Epiphany Presents: The Noah Darke Series Vol. 1 (Disc 1)

by Epiphany

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Noah White. Self-appointed Locke City saviour. Burdened with the task of eradicating the scum and villainy plaguing the darkest depths of his home city, and all who choose to exact violence on The Broadwalk. A ruthless, yet just vigilante, with a troubled and tormented past. His every waking moment leaves questions of purpose, as those around him seek to test his morality and presumable lack of humanity.

His own potential is challenged, with the arrival of his greatest nemesis to date, the ruthless and wickedly sadistic Tobias Darke. Unhinged, and prepared to do whatever it takes, Noah must face his deadliest foe to date. With voices of doubt constantly plaguing his mind, how far is he willing to delve, when all may not be as he once thought.


released June 16, 2017

Album Credits:

Writing Credits:
Music and lyrics by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Drums composed, edited and arranged by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Story Written by R. Fulton-Hamilton and A. Worall
Additional orchestral arrangements and composition by R. Fulton-Hamilton, O. Thomas and C. Wimhurst

Performance Credits:
Vocals Performed by R. Fulton-Hamilton, C. Wimhurst and T. Fisher.
Additional Vocals Performed by H. Warren, M. Anne, G. Pope, K. Miles, A. Worall and E. Shiers
Rhythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitar performed by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Bass performed by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Banjo performed by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Foley and additional sound effects recorded by R. Fulton-Hamilton
Explosion Foley (The Warehouse) recorded by R. Fulton-Hamilton and J. Green

Mixing, Mastering and Production Credits:
Mixing and Mastering by C. Wimhurst
Produced by R. Fulton-Hamilton and C. Wimhurst
Vocal Production by R. Fulton-Hamilton and C. Wimhurst
Additional Vocal Production by R. Fulton-Hamilton and A. Worall

Artwork Credits:
Artwork by M. Whitehead, S. Taylor and R. Fulton-Hamilton



all rights reserved


Epiphany England, UK

Greetings earthlings! This page is dedicated to Epiphany, my progressive metal solo project.

Over the course of my time playing guitar, I've felt the restrictions of playing in a band that naturally comes with their given style and sound. Through this project, I hoped to deliver my own varied style and performance with my creative control.

It's not a question of why, but a question of why not?
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Track Name: Hero of the Underground

This cities stench is mighty fowl,
The night is young I’m on the prowl,
Justice and vengeance crying out

You can hear the screams of fear and pain,
Evil crimes forever left their stain,
My righteous justice knows no doubt

Some people say that I am just a man,
But I am not a mortal, I am something more

I am the tide that brings the storm (I am the saviour of them all)
I am the sun that brings the dawn (I am a tower that won’t fall)

I am a king without a crown (I am the guardian of this town)
When there is evil that’s not found, the hero of the underground

My heroics know no boundaries,
Not burdened by the secrecy,
I won’t rest, won’t fall until they’re gone

No man can bring me down,
No foe will take this town,
If there’s a god then surely I am one

Some people think that I cannot be killed,
I am yet to meet a man who’s equally skilled

Justice, Justice, Justice, Justice

(One) down and I’ve only just begun
(Two) the great war is anything but won
(Three) not enough to make me feel content,
(Four) and now we start again
Track Name: There for You

Is this what I’ve been dreaming of
To be adored by all
A symbol for them all to love
To heed their every call

Cant count the faces or the cries
Begging for more and more
But I can see the hope in their eyes
It's what I’m fighting for

Until the sun goes down
I won’t let this city drown
And while there’s still breath in my lungs
The final song will not be sung

Even when no hope is found
Even if the winds blow west bound
No matter how high the stakes
No matter what it takes

I will, be there for you when you’re alone
I will, defend you from all that I condone

Heart slips to grey
The sound fades away
Pain starts to rise
As peace slowly dies

I will, fight for you when, until the day is done
I won’t, stop protecting you, til the battle’s won

Did I not make myself very clear?
Did I say something that allows you to sneer?
If I could have just a minute of your time
I’ll show you all just how to commit a crime

Won’t you all just leave me alone
Don’t give me the chance to cast the first stone
You and me boy, let’s see what you’ve got
I’ll even let you take the first shot
Track Name: Find the Light

I watch you walk away, I count every step that you take
I pray that you’d only stay, it’s a promise I know that you’d break
I see that you're hurting, it drags you down everyday
Despite that your halo is fading, your wings take me far away

Your mind is breaking, as my heart is aching, can you see how much that I need you here right now?

And the stars might be veiled, as the suns gone away
But I can still see you tonight
Like a moth to the flame, I would help you stay sane
And hope that you find the light

A needle without a thread, another ghost in my bed
Broken words never said, a sickness in your own head
Isolated in anguish, your pain echoes for all to hear
Blinded I feel so selfish, I’ll hold you close my dear

Your love is fading, as the world is shaking, would you hear me if I called out your name?

When the world gets you down, and the sadness sets in,
and you feel like you’re losing it all
With the misery found, and your patience wears thin,
I’ll pick you back up when you fall

I'll show you the way, I’ll remind you whats true,
I’ll make the pain go away
Come whatever may, come what you never knew,
I won’t let it get in your way

And the stars might be veiled, as the suns gone away
There might be no end left in sight
Despite all your shame, I won’t ever place blame
As long as you find the light
Track Name: A Shot in the Darke


Who will save us?
Who will save us?
Who will save us?
Who will save us, from this madness?

Who will fight him?
Who will fight him?
Who will fight him?
Who will fight him and his badness?

Who’ll protect us?
Who’ll protect us?
Who’ll protect us?
Who'll protect us, from his madness?

Who’ll stand up for us?
Who’ll stand up for us?
Who'll stand up for us?
Who'll stand up against his badness?

Tell me, where would you prefer the bullet? In your head or your heart? What if I close my eyes and we just take a shot in the dark?
Track Name: The Warehouse

Tobias Darke! This is a means to an end!
You are a fiendish man, foul not friend.
You’ve torn this city, scarred it right through.
Now this is the end for you!
Track Name: The Delusion of Sanity

As daylight breaks above the sky
I’m left to wonder, Im left in doubt
Burdened without words, I can only sigh
This man, this hate, I’m left without

Getting so close and yet so far
Like grabbing at smoke, I’m chasing clouds
Recite the name, Tobias Darke
But nothing, no nothing will, lift his shroud

The sun brings no light to my darkened world
The warmth feels hollow around my shaking skin
Echoing inside my head, I hear his words
But what could they mean?

All has gone quiet, yet I hear screams
The grounds stopped shaking, yet I tremble
Like being trapped inside someone else’s dream
The clues laid out to disassemble

And if you hear me, please don’t disappear
If you could see me, step into the light
The lunacy manifesting, that you engineered
You’re in my vision, yet stray out of sight

I’m left to question, left without hope
Getting answers that I didn’t need to know
Feeling stranded on a sinking ship
What am I in this fucked relationship?

Where could you be?
Where could you be?
Where could you be?
Where could you be?

Where could you be?
Where could you be?
Where could you be?
Where could you be?

I may be afraid, but I won’t stop now
I will find you, I will hunt you down

Nothing will get in my way, nothing will lead me astray
Your reign of terror soon to decline, in the end, you will be mine

You will be mine!
You will be mine!

You will be mine!
You will be mine!