The Old Anew

by Epiphany

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Here's my debut EP called 'The Old Anew'. This is the first ever proper collection of songs I've released under my own solo title called 'Epiphany'. The point of my music has always been if I enjoy it and I like the sound of it I'll want to write with it. I hope you enjoy this collection of music as much as I have done creating it. Take a listen, enjoy, like, comment, anything really! Thankyou for taking the time to read this and to have even checked out my page



released August 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Epiphany England, UK

Greetings earthlings! This page is dedicated to Epiphany, my progressive metal solo project.

Over the course of my time playing guitar, I've felt the restrictions of playing in a band that naturally comes with their given style and sound. Through this project, I hoped to deliver my own varied style and performance with my creative control.

It's not a question of why, but a question of why not?
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Track Name: Divided

Nothing will change if we don't fucking wake up
Been caged by fear, so no one will try to step up
Surrounded by terror, by their blood and bombs
How many should die, before the storm will calm

They've taken our lives
They've taken our home
Our only right to freedom

We've seen it before
The struggle for more,
Prepared for peace or nuclear war

A truce is made
But built around hate
This isn't 1998

For better or worse
Been trapped in a hearse
We've become...

I've chosen life
Not giving up this time
We're unguided

(All that I own
And all that I had
Was stripped from my home
The will turned to mad

A nation unguided
A country to mend
Two worlds collided
When will it end?)

You can't insult the dead
For they can't defend themselves
All of the crimson's been bled
Yet we can't protect ourselves

Nothing is certain, nothing has been foreshadowed
But boundaries of peace remain, between the hallowed
A battle of two, became a war among three
Loss of control, without a kings decree

A kingdom united
Yet short sighted
Ignorance ignited

Some want independence
Some want acceptance
Others don't want the presence

Innocents dying
Children are crying
Nobodies indemnifying

For 30 long years
Been nothing but tears
When will the conflict disappear?

A sense of frustration, with anticipation
The seams came undone
By a force with a gun, there is no way out
We're all filled with doubt

The clock's ticking down
Peace for sure will drown
Neglecting justice
Are we heartless?

They've taken our lives
They've taken our home
Our only right to freedom

For better or worse
Been trapped in a hearse
We've become...

Track Name: What Is Dead May Never Die

Brought into this life without a name
Without shame, led to harvest pain

Brought into our world without a face
Consuming all, and gone without a trace

We have come to realise
We're not blind we've watched through paralysed eyes
Can't you see what we fight for!?!
Not gunna stand just to kneel anymore

It's not the end, It's not the end

The sky's alight with crimson yet to spill
A prophecy to be fullfilled
Screaming, screaming
We will not bow

Mothers cry for the ashes of their young
As tears burn the shattered ground
Screaming, screaming
Screaming where is!

Where the fuck is he now?
Where the fuck is he...

Can you feel the noose tightening around our necks
Life should be a gift, something that makes us blessed
The hand of the masses, contradicts the hand of fascists
Yet the hand of the few, will always break through


The system is broken, the system is broke

Trapped inside a cage of fear, the answer's never clear
You can chain our mind, but you'll never chain mankind

We will rise up again stronger
We will rise up again harder
What is dead may never die
What is dead may never die!
Track Name: All That I Am

All That I Am
All That I Ever Was
All I Could Be
Was Taken From Me

Broken and scattered, playing with my life
Freedom and solace, you cut with a knife
Fighting and pushing, we're close to the edge
Your message is clear, we will not pledge

You can't inspire hope, cos there's no hope left for man
We're bred to destroy, from the womb we're all damned

I've lost, myself
Not ready to say goodbye
But not ready to abide

Chained to the promise, of what we don't own
A world built on greed, that won't be overthrown
Scratching and pulling, we're over the edge
The message was clear, but we will not pledge

No retribution for liars and cheaters
No glory for those that which deceive us
Each says it's different, each says it's better
Yet why does neither ever bring us together

Track Name: Acceptance

What makes us different?
What makes us hate?
Are we some kind of
Fucking master race

You think you know it all
But you know nothing
You make me sick
For making this something

This ain't a disease
This is no plague
But you still try to
Cure what cannot be cured

We hold the answer
Why's there a question?
We love who we want
And be who we are

We're not born to satisfy
What is deemed right or wrong
We're not all saints but we've all been sinners
Who's the sinner here?

There's no love like a love oppressed
Is humanity fading,
Where's the acceptance, is it all repressed
Do we not fight enough?

Who are you to choose, who are you to say
Judge to be judged, does that make it okay?

(You're nothing) for what you've done
(You're nothing), you think it's fun
(You're nothing), you think you've won
(You're nothing), its just begun

Trapped in this nightmare
Scared and alone
Lost with this guilt to bare
I'm on my own